In addition to localised sales and marketing expertise, our services range from customs clearance

to localised sales and marketing expertise, our services range from customs clearance to equipment

installation and after-sales services, including technical consultation and sourcing of highly-spec

  Our offering includes:

· Provision of commercial, technical and service support to Principals

· Dedicated support team to service equipment sold within the territory

· Establishment of strong local sales organization

· Identification of new opportunities and competitor assessment based on market intelligence

· Long-standing relationships with local commercial and governmental agencies

· Watertight due diligence processes to maximise profitable business for our Principals and IPTC,   as well as ensuring world class products, equipment and support for local customers.

Taking care of your business in Egypt


IPTC aims to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction for Principals and local customers, both commercially and technically. We have earnt a reputation for providing top-tier services to both our principals and customers in the following key areas:

· Provision of local market intelligence, identification of new opportunities and establishment of sales strategies

· Monitoring and deep understanding of competitors’ activities

· Review and discussion of technical and commercial matters with local prospect customers

·  Regular visits to local prospect customers to seek new opportunities

·    Regular discussions with Principals and local customers to expand activities

·    Safeguarding of Principals’ patents and other industrial property rights

·    Assistance in recommending and selecting local contractors for local services

·    Support for our Principals in processing all necessary local paperwork

·    Technical assistance with equipment installation, sourcing of specialist spare parts, etc.

Business Development


Staying one step ahead is the key to boosting today’s sales and beating tomorrow’s competition.  

IPTC’s team of highly accomplished engineers and switched-on support staff constantly monitor the global scenario, identifying new opportunities for further growth and development with a focus on:  

· augmenting our present principals by adding new ones supporting their technology

· working with new technologies, e.g. eco-solutions and renewable energy

IPTC is currently working with a range of exciting new products, from heat recovery steam generators to non-counterfeitable ID cards and watermarking systems. 

Service, Installation & After Sales


IPTC is especially committed to delivering excellence in our installation and after-sales services.  We see our Principals and their local customers as partners, with an ongoing relationship following every product sale.  

Our qualified engineers and technicians receive regular training in conjunction with our Principals and are fully equipped to troubleshoot any problems that may occur post-sales.  Their capacity includes: 

· Troubleshooting of mechanical and electronic components malfunction

· Identification of preventative maintenance for machines and equipment in operation

· Sales promotion for spare parts and equipment upgrades

· Provision of support during and following installation of new machinery and equipment supplied by our principals.

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