IPTC’s principals are split into four divisions, each run by specialists in their field:

· Transportation

 Our principals within this division include manufacturers of mechanical and electronic equipment (such as brake systems) for railways, underground metro, electric street cars/trams, & commercial vehicles 

· Machinery


IPTC represents leading manufacturers of marine and stationary diesel engines, pumps, hydro-mechanical steel structures for navigator locks and barrages, railway container cranes, propellor systems for sea and river navigation (including tugs, hotel ships, floating cranes), compressors and oil applications

· Textile and Cable


Selecting only the most reputable machinery manufacturers in this field, we supply textile and garment finishing equipment including jet and yarn dying/continuous dying, printing, stentering, drying, folding, packing, sanforizing, knitting, yarn winding, sewing thread winding, singeing, and laboratory equipment.  

• Energy and Environment


IPTC is currently expanding this field of business, with a view to including renewable energy, power generation, automation, upgrade of control systems and distribution management systems for power, petroleum and water application, water treatment, water and oil separators, and several other environmental fields.

Business Development


Decades of experience have confirmed the value of adapting to ever-changing dynamics. We have the vision and flexibility to plan for long-term scenarios as well harnessing short-term opportunities, and are committed to helping our principals and their customers achieve the sustained growth they seek in Egypt

Additional Information


Staying one step ahead is the key to boosting today’s sales and beating tomorrow’s competition.  

IPTC’s team of highly accomplished engineers and switched-on support staff constantly monitor the global scenario, identifying new opportunities for further growth and development with a focus on:  

· augmenting our present principals by adding new ones supporting their technology

· working with new technologies, e.g. eco-solutions and renewable energy

IPTC is currently working with a range of exciting new products, from heat recovery steam generators to non-counterfeitable ID cards and watermarking systems.